Mondeuse grapes

Wine Talk May Newsletter No 84

We are pleased to announce that our May newsletter, Wine Talk 84, has been released and is available by clicking on the link below. As regular readers will know, our newsletter does not just concentrate on selling wines. We always provide a range of articles to help readers understand the fascinating fields of tending the vines through to making wines without additives except for a small amount of sulphur.

This month we have the following information in the newsletter: 

  • Information about six special packs which attract significant discounts including 5 packs based around newly arrived wines from France including a very, very rare pack of wines from Alice and Olivier de Moor and a quite rare pack of 6 Aligote wines;
  • Extensive information about the wines that have just arrived in our latest container;
  • Details of the wines arriving in our next shipment in late June or early July, including some very special producers such as l’Octavin from the Jura;
  • A review of an article outlining the positive effects of natural wines;
  • A story about the Roussanne grape variety;
  • A full list of all the new wines that arrived in the latest container.

You can read the newsletter by clicking on the link below.