Holiday Shipping

We are about to enter the silly season where the couriers’ vans that normally deliver our boxes of wine are filled with Christmas presents and everything takes much longer than usual to reach you.

We have been given cut-off times for each delivery region. These are the latest dates the courier is recommending we ship by if you want wine by Christmas. Even then it’s risky because if something goes wrong it would be almost impossible to identify the problem and have it fixed in time for you to get your wine by 24 December. The other downside of shipping at this time of year is that even if it does arrive in time it will spend far longer than we would like on the road. Where it might normally take 3 or 4 days it could take 10 or more so the earlier you order the better.

We’ve listed the cut-off date for the most common regions we ship to here but please contact us if your delivery region is not listed and you want to know if it’s possible:

To Perth: ship by 6 December

To Sydney and Melbourne: ship by 9 December

To Adelaide, Canberra and Brisbane: ship by 13 December

To Launceston: ship by 20 December

If you have left it too late and the wine was to be a present there is always a gift voucher. We offer a 15% discount on normal retail price for anyone using a gift voucher so it’s a very good alternative arrangement to having the bottles under the Christmas tree.

If you have left it too late and you wanted to drink natural wines on Christmas day and over the holiday season then email us at if you’d like advice about where you might find our wines and other similar wines at a bottle shop closer to you.