The Loire Valley wine region

The Loire river rises in the mountains to the south-west of Valence, travels north to around Sancerre and then turns west to spill into the Bay of Biscay near the city of Nantes.

This is a very diverse region were there are many different wine appellation including such famous ones as Sancerre, Jasnieres and Coteaux du Layon among others.

We have many producers from this beautiful region.

Bainbridge and Cathcart

Domaine Mosse

Domaine Stephane Guion

Les Capriades

Domaine Saint Nicolas

Herve Villemade

La Paonnerie

Jacques Fevrier

Marc Pesnot – Domaine de la Senechaliere

Jean-Pierre Robinot

Laurent Lebled

Pascale Simonutti

Domaine Vincent Careme