d’Meure Vineyard

d’meure l‘avenir oublié 2008

This sous voile “under the veil” Chardonnay, from southern Tasmania, is unique.

Dirk Meure’s vineyard was just south of Woodbridge at Birchs Bay. It’s right on the coast overlooking d’Entrecasteaux Channel and Bruny Island. He stopped making wine a couple of years ago and the last wines made under the d’meure label are from the 2014. However, his nephew Rory Duggan has now taken over the vineyard and is producing exceptional wines.

But, waiting patiently there was also l‘avenir oublié (forgotten future),   Only made once, it was an accident. Once the d’meure 2008 Chardonnay was made, there was not enough to fill the last barrel. So Dirk Meure’s friend chef Luke Burgess said to him don’t worry “Set this aside and it will become very good vinegar”. He thought d’meure chardonnay vinegar would be excellent to use at Garagistes!   But it didn’t become vinegar. Instead a flor of yeast formed on top of the wine, in the way of the Jura’s famous Vin Jaune. Once discovered this caused great excitement.

They waited and waited and it started to taste amazing, unique of course but with umami not dissimilar to Vin Jaune.   Eventually in 2013 Dirk bottled it, without any added sulphites, and now, it is released.

This wine is now available from Rory Duggan and Dirk Meure at:

rdmeure Web site

Note that you will need to send them an email to order this wine as it is not currently in their online ordering system – we believe they have some available!