Domaine Le Temps Retrouvé – Michaël Georget

Michaël Georget is based in the village of Laroque des Albères in Roussillon just north west of the city of Perpignan. Although only 32 years old he trained in biodynamics working with producers in Alsace (such as Jean Schaetzel from Domaine Martin Schaetzel) before searching for a place to practice all he had learned.

He found a vineyard quite close to the Spanish border that had been abandoned for twenty years and set about restoring it. He found some old winemaking equipment and also some old furniture which the locals called Le Temps Retrouvé – hence the name for his domaine.

Here he tends his vineyards which include 3 hectares of 130 year old Carignan vines and a plot of 40 year old Macabeu vines as well as Grenache Blanc and Grenache Noir (90 years old). He also has some vines of Syrah, Grenache Gris and Mourvedre.

The soil here is a complicated mix of clay, silica, mica-rich schist, quartz, and gneiss. He enhances the soil and the terroir by using his two horses named Goliath (a Comptois) and Paco (a Breton) for vineyard management, also grazing sheep in the vineyard and pollinating with bees he introduces to his farm.

He has done further work to encourage a diverse polyculture by planting cereals, flowers, legumes and different types of grasses. His approach is based on the tenants of biodynamic practices. He ploughs plants such as chamomile and nettles back into the soil to act as natural fertilisers.

He carefully picks the grapes and places them in small cases so that the grapes do not get damaged during the transportation to the winery.

He presses and matures each variety separately favouring fibreglass tanks for this purpose.

His wines are very precise and his preference is to present wines of a single variety. He carefully blends where necessary and his rosé is an example of where he uses two varieties, namely Carignan and Grenache. All wines are made without any additions.

Domaine Le Temps Retrouvé Vin de France Grenache Noir 2014

The vines for this 100% Grenache wine are at least forty years old. The wine is macerated on skins for around twenty days before being pressed and the juice transferred to old barrels. The resultant wine is full of life and low in tannins providing a great match to a range of dishes such as roast lamb, grilled meatballs or a simple wagyu steak. The alcohol level is restrained at only 12.5%.


Domaine Le Temps Retrouvé Vin de France Syrah Light 2015

The Syrah vines for this deliciously light cuvée are tended biodynamically and any ploughing work is carried out using a horse. After the grapes are picked manually and are placed in small crates they are macerated for a short time and then the juice is transferred to old wooden barrels for twelve months to mature.

The result is a very light, quaffable wine that almost looks like a dark rosé but has the structure of a red wine.


Domaine Le Temps Retrouvé Vin de France Grenache Gris 2015

This white wine is made from 100% Grenache Gris from vines that are at least 90 years old. After the grapes are pressed the juice is transferred to old 400 litre barrels where the fermentation occurs. No sulphites are added at any stage.

Michael likes to leave his wines to mature in barrels for almost a year to develop roundness and texture. This is a very exciting wine and certainly one of the best single variety wines made from Grenache Gris that we have ever tried.


Domaine Le Temps Retrouvé Vin de France Macabeu 2015


Wow! What a wine!

This wine is made from the southern grape Macabeu which is normally used as a blending variety. Here it is made from 100% Macabeu from vines that are very old.  It proves our long-held belief that there is no such thing as a bad grape variety – just bad vineyard practices and bad winemakers.

In the hands of Michael Georget this wine is a clear expression of the potential of Macabeu. It is rich, tense, taught, fresh and absolutely delicious. At a recent tasting of this wine, everyone around the table was blown away by the drinkability of this wine.

After the grapes are pressed the juice is transferred to 400 litre old wooden barrels with the natural fermentation occurring in the barrel. No sulphites are added at any stage. The alcohol level is a restrained 12.5%.


Domaine Le Temps Retrouvé Vin de France Mourvèdre 2015

It is rare to find a single-variety Mourvèdre this far south but this one works very well. This wine clocks in at only 12.5% alcohol but has wonderful structure and very good fruit balance. It is very moorish and the first bottle that we opened after it arrived in Australia disappeared very quickly!

Don’t think of a Bandol here (the same grape is used in that appellation). Think of a wine that is more supple and more elegant.


Domaine Le Temps Retrouvé Vin de France Rosé 2015

The rosé is made using the saignée method where the juice is bled off from a tank of, in this case, the amazingly old vine Carignan (130 years old) and forty year old vines of Grenache before it has undergone full maceration in the tank, to create a light, textural, refined, delicious rosé that has been aged in 400 litre oak barrels for 10 months. This wine is sealed with a crown seal.