Mataburro – Laurent Roger and Melissa Ingrand

Mataburro is the name of small domaine established in Roussillon by rising stars Laurent Roger and Melissa Ingrand. Their wines are natural and very delicious!

They have kindly agreed to supply us with some of their much sought after wines and they will arrive in Australia around the middle of the year.

Laurent worked for several years at the venerable Paris bar à vin Le Verre Volé and after that returned to Roussillon to work directly with Alain Castex, then of Le Casot des Mailloles.

Towards the end of 2017, armed with what he had learned from Castex, he and Melissa took over the remaining three hectare vineyard from his father and are returning it to its organic past.

In 2019 they started biodynamics and they are using cover crops to improve the soil quality. The crops were cut in 2019 but perhaps in future they will simply roll them, preferring to limit the amount of tilling.

Alain Castex taught Laurent the importance of the soil. He also had this concept reinforced by Tom Lubbe and Axel Prüfer.

We arranged to meet Laurent and Melissa when we went back to France after last year’s harvest. The day we visited the rain was like something from an apocalypse with flooding throughout the region so we did not have leisurely strolls in the vineyard we were imagining. But we did get to taste the wines and begin the always exciting process of unravelling the stories behind them.

The photo below was taken in their cellars. It shows a large stainless steel vat containing the 2019 juice for the Idoine cuvee which we will be receiving this year.

Mataburro -Idoine in steel tank

Mataburro Otium 2019

Otium 2019 is predominantly Grenache, made from the old vines planted by Laurent’s grandfather.

Otium also has some Grenache Gris, Carignan and Macabeu. They picked all the grapes at the same time, the whole bunches were slightly crushed by foot, to release some juice, and had 7 days maceration.

Laurent describes it as a kind of semi-carbonic maceration.

The wine has just arrived in Australia and a few hours later we held a tasting and the wine was perfect. It is light, ethereal and absolutely clean and delicious!

This wine has no additions, 12% alcohol, including no added sulphites, and no filtration.


Mataburro Idoine 2019

Idoine 2019 is 100% Merlot from vines that are 30 – 40 years old. (In the previous vintage it also had some Grenache.)

Vinified initially in two tanks, the whole bunches had five days maceration.

One tank had a little pigeage and the other none to keep the floral aromas from the semi-carbonic maceration. The two tanks were mixed after pressing and aged in stainless steel tank.

They found the name ‘Idoine’ in a book Laurent’s uncle had written. It means ‘the good stuff’. We agree!

This wine has no additions, including no added sulphites, and no filtration.


Mataburro Mura Mura 2019


Mura Mura, a name is inspired in part by Melissa’s Madagascan heritage (it means slowly, slowly), but we discovered later they are also aware that the name has a connection to Australia’s dreamtime, being an important part of the stories of the Diyari people who inhabit an area to the East of Lake Eyre.

The 2019 vintage, a rosé, is a blend predominantly of Merlot, with about 5% each Grenache, Muscat à Petit Grains and Muscat d’Alexandria.

The Merlot, Grenache, and Muscat à Petit Grains were its beginnings. They had two days of maceration prior to pressing. The Muscat d’Alexandria was picked later, macerated for 9 days and then blended with the rest of the wine.

Mura Mura: Delicate colour for Merlot!!

This wine has no additions, including no added sulphites, and no filtration.