Pascal Simonutti

Pascal Simonutti makes amazing wines using grapes from his 3 hectares of vines near the village of Mesland which lies east of the Loire Valley city of Tours and north of the Loire River. Here he tends vines of Pineau d’Aunis, Sauvignon Blanc and Gamay.

Pascal Simonutti Vin de France On S’En Bat 2015

Simonutti-On-Sen-Bat-2013Pascal is well known in Paris wine bar circles for his “scribble” labels.

When we first contacted him by e-mail and said we were from Australia he agreed to send some of his hard-to-get wines because he loves The Saints, the Australian punk-rock band!

This wine is made from 100% Pinot d’Aunis grown in his vineyards near Tours in the Loire Valley. It is a funky, earthy wine that really captures the terroir of the Loire Valley to produce an inviting, approachable and gulpable wine. We like it a lot and the price is also very appealing for such a well-made wine from this rare grape variety.

The label, by the way, is an homage to the Sex Pistols to continue the punk rock theme.


Pascal Simonutti Vin de France Boire Tue 2015

Simonutti-Boire-Tue-2015This wine is made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc but is a far cry from the tropical fruit bombs that we normally associate with this grape variety.

The wine has a beautiful texture (possibly from a little extra skin contact) and a style that is rounded, compelling and slightly haunting. It is a wine for thinking about as well as drinking.

This is a wine for people who want to explore other expressions of the Sauvignon Blanc grape where the terroir is not masked by flavours introduced by commercial yeasts.

One thing that we can say about Pascal is that he doesn’t like to conform. Who else would call a wine “drinking kills”!