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It all starts with the soil Part 4

It all starts with the soil – Part 4

In three previous articles we have examined different rock types, how soils are formed and the creatures that work the soil for us. In this final article in the series we are going to explore the scientific literature that informed us about the negative effects of systemic sprays to prove that there is scientific merit in our claims.

It all starts with the soil Part 3

It all starts with the soil – Part 3

In the two previous articles under this title we examined the different rock types that are found in vineyards and then looked at how soils are created from those rocks by actions including physical weathering, chemical weathering and biological weathering. In this article we are going to look at the living creatures that inhabit the soils in vineyards.

Rocks scattered in Muscadet

Minerality in wine – Part 1

Minerality in wine and the role soil plays in contributing to minerality was the topic of a Masterclass at an early Rootstock natural wine festival in Sydney. It was interesting to participate in this event and to see how different people viewed the topic through completely different ‘lenses’. Vineyard managers […]