Domaine de la Loue: Catherine Hannoun

Catherine Hannoun of Domaine de la Loue produces excellent Jura wines from plots near Pupillin and Marnoz. Her Savagnin, from a plot near Pupillin is a real revelation. It is complex, pure and delicious!

Her domaine is named after the Loue river which rises from a spring slightly north-west of the town of Pontalier near the Swiss border and then snakes its way across the Jura to form the border between Doubs and the Jura.

We met Catherine at a salon in Paris and after trying her delicious wines were eager to import them to Australia. We were delighted that she agreed even though she only farms approximately 3 hecatres, so has very little wine.

Catherine became intrigued with winemaking when working as a producer on Nossiter’s famous film about the wine industry called Mondovino. She moved to the Jura in 2009 and began making wine after converting some vineyards to organic.

Domaine de la Loue Savagnin 2017

This is a pure Savagnin made from a plot of land called Sous Roche near the village of Pupillin close to Arbois. The vines are now thirteen years old and grow in grey marl clays which are on a slope that faces east south-east.

The grapes were harvested by hand in September 2017, direct pressed and then underwent natural fermentation in stainless steel tanks. After fermentation was complete, two-thirds of the juice was transferred to old 220 litre barrels. The juice was transferred back to the stainless steel tank one month before bottling (August 28, 2019). The wine was not fined or filtered and no sulphur was added.


Domaine de la Loue La Brute 2018

La Brute is made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes from an organic plot near the village of Marnoz where the vines are almost 36 years old. Here they grow in limestone clays where the plot faces south-east.

The grapes were picked in September 2018 and then packed into stainless steel tanks, with the first 40 centimetres of grapes destemmed, then the next 40 centimetres whole bunch and so on to create what Catherine calls a millefeuilles! The juice was macerated for 6 weeks before being pressed and returned to the stainless steel.

The wine was bottled is August 2019 with any fining, filtration or addition of any sulphur.

RRP: $47