Domaine des Cavarodes – Etienne Thiebaud

Etienne Thiebaud commenced making his own wine at Domaine des Cavarodes in the village of Cramans in the northern part of the Jura in 2007. He makes wines of amazing purity which reflect the terroir from which they come on either side of the Loue River and across to Arbois.

He only has 4.5 hectares of vines (ranging in age from 15 to 115 years old) which he farms organically but produces many cuvees from these small holdings. The wines are made as naturally as possible with the reds undergoing semi-carbonic maceration following careful de-stemming and maturation in old barrels.

Key vineyards are Lumachelles which is in the commune of Mouchard just north of Arbois (where he has Chardonnay and Trousseau), Guille Bouton in Arbois (where he has Chardonnay) and Les Messagelins which is also in Arbois (where he has Trousseau).

Domaine des Cavarodes AOP Côtes du Jura Chardonnay Lumachelles 2018

This lovely wine is made from Chardonnay which was regularly topped up to prevent excessive oxidation (the French use the term ouillé, to describe this topping up process). A large foudre was used for both fermentation and maturation on the lees. The resulting wine was bottled without the addition of any sulphites to retain the freshness and typicity.

The village closest to the vineyard is Mouchard, which is just north of Arbois and just south of Cramans.

The wine exhibits a strong mineral quality suggesting good biodynamic practices in the vineyard with a distinct lemon peel vibe on the palate.

Price: $45 – SOLD OUT

Domaine des Cavarodes AOP Côtes du Jura Trousseau Lumachelles 2018

This wine was also made from grapes picked from the Lumachelles vineyard as described for the Chardonnay above.

This light red wine is made from the Trousseau grape variety which is thought to be native to the Jura but which can now be found in Spain and Australia under the name of Bastardo.

It was bottled without being fined or filtered and no sulphites were added at any stage.

This is a very good example of a Jura red wine which is a light, delicate red which has elegance and very good structure. In the Jura it is common for winemakers to serve the red wines first in a tasting as they are often light and ethereal (like this one) whereas the whites are much stronger.

Price: $72 (SOLD OUT)

Domaine des Cavarodes AOP Arbois Chardonnay Guille Bouton 2018

The Guille Bouton vineyard lies within the Arbois appellation close to the village of Arbois. The vineyard has limestone clay over grey and blue marls. This is a combination that is sought after because the combination of limestone and different types of marl adds complexity to the wine.

This wine was made from 100% Chardonnay grapes from this vineyard.

This wine was fermented with native yeasts and was aged in old oak barrels. It was bottled without being fined or filtered.

This is quite a special wine as it displays richness, tension and energy leading to a long, long finish. A lovely wine!

Price: $66 (SOLD OUT)

Domaine des Cavarodes AOP Côtes du Jura Savagnin Ostrea Virgula 2017

The Ostrea Virgula is Etienne Thiebaud’s most exciting wine. This beautiful topped-up Savagnin was fermented and aged in a vat for one year before being transferred to old barrels to further develop the wonderful aromas and flavours that typify this wine.

You will notice the stone fruit, kumquat, orange and herb aromas and the very long, lingering finish of this wine.

The name of the cuvée, Ostrea Virgula, is a nod to the Jurassic marine shell fossil component of the soil in this vineyard.

It was bottled without being fined or filtered.

Price: $79 (SOLD OUT)

Domaine des Cavarodes AOP Arbois Poulsard Chemenot 2018

This wine is made from grapes grown in the Chemenot vineyard near Arbois.

It has overtones of all sorts of berry fruit including blackberries, strawberries and raspberries and a colour to match. There is also a hint of pomegranate at the end which gives a sensation of mild bitterness that we crave.

It displays good minerality and vibrant energy which is a result of the organic and biodynamic treatment of the soils.

This is a lovely wine that can be enjoyed by itself but which will not overpower delicate foods. We think it is best to serve this wine just slightly chilled to highlight both the texture and flavour of the wine.

This wine was bottled without being fined or filtered or having any sulphites added.

Price: $54 (SOLD OUT)

Domaine des Cavarodes AOP Arbois Trousseau Messagelin 2019

Another beautiful Trousseau from very old vines in the Messagelin vineyard in the commune of Arbois. Coincidentally, this vineyard is right next to the Vigne de Louis vineyard of Michel Gahier who we also import.

It was bottled without being fined or filtered and no sulphites were added at any stage.

Price: $91 (SOLD OUT)

Domaine des Cavarodes IGP Franche Comté Rouge 2018


This delicious wine demonstrates Etienne’s remarkable capacity for making great wines even if they are field blends. This wine is made from very old vines (well over 100 years old) from a plot that Etienne bought over the Loue river and hence outside the Arbois appellation system.

Therefore the wine is classified under the IGP system which is used to replace the old Vin de Pays classification. It sits above Vin de France but below the new AoP appellations. It is designed to provide a classification that gives a regional focus to the wine – in this case the region of Franche Comté which consists of the départments of Haute-Saone, Doubs and the Jura.

This wine comprises many different grape varieties including the common Jura reds Trousseau, Gamay, Poulsard (Ploussard) and Pinot Noir along with much rarer varieties which according to French wine retailer “Les Passionnes du Vin” include Pinot Meunier, Argant, Portugais Bleu, Enfariné, and Mézy. We also think that there might be some Gueuche Noir in the field blend as well.

Price: $72 (SOLD OUT)