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Alsace Jean Ginglinger Domaine Geschickt Jean-Marc Dreyer Ardeche Sylvain Bock Samuel Boulay Auvergne Mito Inoue Aveyron Nicolas Carmarans Beaujolais Michel Guignier Burgundy – Chablis Alice & Olivier de Moor Fanny Sabre Domaine Cadette, La Soeur Cadette, Montanet-Thoden Domaine Derain Sextant – Julien Altaber Recrue des Sens – Yann Durieux Champagne […]

It all starts with the soil Part 3
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It all starts with the soil – Part 3

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane. First published in Wine Talk, January 2018. In the two previous articles under this title we examined the different rock types that are found in vineyards and then looked at how soils are created from those rocks by actions including physical weathering, chemical weathering and […]