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The following natural wines are now available for purchase from Living Wines to customers who are aged 18 years or older. All prices are in Australian dollars. Wholesale inquiries also welcome!

We currently do not have on-line ordering available. However, just send us an email to:

listing the wines you would like to buy with the details of your order and contact details and we will contact you by phone or email to process your order.

We’ll get in touch if we need more information.

To satisfy our legal obligations can you please confirm in your email that you are 18 years of age or more by sending us the month and year of your birth. For retail orders, if you order in multiples of 6 bottles then we will send it to most cities in Australia free of charge and also give you a 10% discount.

Unfortunately, due to recent price rises, we will need to charge freight for some destinations. We can now also ship to some destinations using temperature controlled transport, for a small fee.

The following list is somewhat interactive. The list can be sorted by each of the fields in the header. Simply click on the word Wine and the list will be sorted alphabetically, for example. Click on the header Price ($) and the list will be sorted from lowest price to highest price. Click on it again and it will be sorted from highest to lowest.

The search field can be used to restrict the list. For example, if you type Jura in the search field, it will only display those wines that are from the Jura. If you type Grenache it will only display wines that have some Grenache in them and so on.

Note that you can export the list of wines below to either Excel or a PDF file by clicking on one of the buttons immediately below. The file you create will be available in the folder it was downloaded to.

Domaine de la Garrelière Le P'tit Ch'nin 202039WhiteChenin BlancLoire
Domaine de la Loue PetNat Rosé 2018 67SparklingPinot NoirJura
Domaine de la Loue Vin de Liqueur 2016 90LiqueurSavagninJura
Domaine Derain Bourgogne Les Riaux 201971RedPinot NoirBurgundy
Domaine Derain Mercurey La Plante Chassey 2019105RedPinot Noir, Pinot BeurotBurgundy
Domaine Derain Pommard Les Petits Noizons 2018147RedPinot NoirBurgundy
Domaine Derain Pommard Les Petits Noizons 2019147RedPinot NoirBurgundy
Domaine Derain Saint-Aubin Le Ban 201990RedPinot NoirBurgundy
Domaine de la Garrelière Touraine Le Rosé de la Cabane34RoséCabernet FrancLoire
Domaine Saint Nicolas La Grande Pièce 2013 97RedPinot NoirFiefs Vendeens
Domaine Saint Nicolas Le Haut des Clous 2016 64WhiteChenin BlancFiefs Vendeens
Domaine Saint Nicolas Le Poiré 2014 71RedNegretteFiefs Vendeens
Domaine Saint Nicolas Le Poiré 2010 57RedNegretteFiefs Vendeens
Domaine Saint Nicolas Le Poiré 2011 61RedNegretteFiefs Vendeens
Dominique Andiran Le Ruminant des Vignes 2102 87WhiteGros MansengGers
Dominique Derain Las Nubes 201962RedPinot NoirChile
Eric Thill AOP Côtes du Jura Chardonnay Préfleur 2014 74WhiteChardonnayJura
Henri Milan Elliott Rouge 2017 72RedSyrah, GrenacheProvence
Hervé Villemade Bovin Blanc 2020 1 litre 42WhiteSauvignon BlancCheverny, Loire valley
Hervé Villemade Cheverny Blanc La Bodice 201958WhiteSauvignon Blanc, ChardonnayCheverny, Loire valley
Hervé Villemade Cour-Cheverny Les Acacias 201876WhiteRomorantinCheverny, Loire valley
Hervé Villemade Cour-Cheverny Les Acacias 2010104WhiteRomorantinCheverny, Loire valley
Hervé Villemade Sauvignon 201938WhiteSauvignon BlancCheverny, Loire valley
Jean-Marc Dreyer Vin d'Alsace Auxerrois Origin 201953OrangeAuxerroisAlsace
Jean-Marc Dreyer Vin d'Alsace Pinot Gris WEG 201851Oxidative WhitePinot GrisAlsace
Jean-Marc Dreyer Vin d'Alsace Sylvaner Origin 201953OrangeSylvanerAlsace
Jean-Michel Stephan AOC Côte-Rôtie 2014 113RedSyrah, SérineNorthern Rhone
Julie and Toby Bainbridge Girl on Fire 202045Lightly sparkling RoséCabernet FrancLoire
Julie and Toby Bainbridge Les Jongleurs 202040WhiteChenin BlancLoire
Julie and Toby Bainbridge Rouge Aux Levres 202037RedGroslot NoirLoire
Julien Fremont Calvados 500ml (1 bottle maximum)112SpiritsMany varietiesNormandy
Julien Fremont Calvados 700 ml 150SpiritsApples (many varieties)Normandy
Julien Fremont Silex Cidre 35Apple CiderMany varietiesNormandy
La Cadette Vézelay La Châtelaine 201853WhiteChardonnayVézelay, Burgundy
Le Bouc à Trois Pattes Guilielmus 136Eau de VieGrenache-basedLanguedoc
Le Petit Gimios Muscat Sec des Roumanis 2009 51WhiteMuscat a Petit GrainsLanguedoc
Le Temps Retrouvé Mourvèdre 2014 46RedMouvèdreRoussillon
Le Temps Retrouvé Syrah Version Light 2015 46RedSyrahRoussillon
Les Capriades Pet Sec 2017 (2 bottles maximum)58SparklingChardonnay, Menu Pineau, Chenin BlancLoire
Les Capriades Piège à … Rosé 2019 49SparklingCôt, Cabernet Franc, GamayLoire
Les Capriades Poire 201958Pear CiderCarési , Crasseaux, Poire de Loup Loire
Les Cigales Dans La Fourmilière Celeste 2018 79OrangeMuscat à Petits GrainsLanguedoc
Les Cigales dans la Fourmilière La Petite Pépée 2017 49WhiteGrenacheLanguedoc
Mosse Bangarang 202041RedPineau d'Aunis, Cabernet FrancLoire
Opi d'Aqui Massale 2017 68Light redGrenache, Grenache Blanc, Grenache GrisLanguedoc
Piollot Champagne Champs Rayés 2014105SparklingChardonnayChampagne
Piollot Champagne Chevry 2014108SparklingChardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot MeunierChampagne
Piollot Champagne Colas Robin 201498SparklingPinot BlancChampagne
Piollot Champagne Come des Tallants 201795SparklingPinot NoirChampagne
Piollot Champagne Les Protelles 201899SparklingPinot NoirChampagne
Piollot Champagne Mepetit 2016114SparklingPinot MeunierChampagne
Terres Dorées (Jean Paul Brun) In Extremis 2011 60WhiteChardonnay (late picked)Beaujolais
Terres Dorées (Jean Paul Brun) Marc de Beaujolais 700ml66OtherGamayBeaujolais
Vincent Carême Vouvray Première Trie 201598Sweet WhiteChenin BlancVouvray