Le Petite Empreinte – Mélissa Bazin and Romain de Moor

Melissa and Romain of Le Petite Empreinte

We are delighted to be able to announce that we soon be working with yet another “next generation” producer – this time Romain, the son of Alice and Olivier de Moor and his partner, Mélissa Bazin of Le Petite Empreinte.

Le Petite Empreinte

When we refer to “next generation” producers we are talking about the children of producers we have been working with over the years we have been importing wines from France.

For example, we started importing from Alice and Olivier about the same time as from Rene and Agnes Mosse, Henri Milan and Philippe Bornard. We are now working happily with the next generation, namely Joseph and Sylvestre Mosse, Theo Milan and Tony Bornard.

And while this is slightly different, because Mélissa and Romain have their own domaine, they work in a similar location and with similar approaches to the wine making.

We will provide more information about the individual wines from Le Petite Empreinte we will be receiving as the time of arrival gets closer.

When we receive the first shipment (which will be sometime early in 2024 we will have the description of the wines below and the details of the prices will be in our list of wines for sale which you can find on “Buy Natural Wines” page.