Natural wine

About organic and biodynamic wines that have been fermented with natural yeasts and no additions except for a little sulphur.

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Living Wines Recent Arrivals

We recently received a shipment containing wines from Alice and Olivier de Moor, Dominique Belluard, Champagne Piollot, Domaine Milan, Domaine Derain and Sextant (Julien Altaber), Jean-Pierre Robinot, the Mosse family and Domaine de la Garrelière. It substantially replenishes our depleted portfolio. You can find the prices by choosing the “Buy […]

Natural wine

Minerality in wine – Part 2

We want to explore the importance of the soil in more detail, because in Part 1 of this series published in last month’s newsletter (April 2013) we explained that only three of the sixteen essential elements for plant growth enter the plant via the leaves. The other thirteen enter via […]

Natural wine

Minerality in wine – Part 1

Minerality in wine and the role soil plays in contributing to minerality was the topic of a Masterclass at an early Rootstock natural wine festival in Sydney. It was interesting to participate in this event and to see how different people viewed the topic through completely different ‘lenses’. Vineyard managers […]