Loire Valley

The Loire River rises in the mountains to the south-west of Valence, travels north to around Sancerre and then turns west to spill into the Bay of Biscay near the city of Nantes.

This is a very diverse region were there are many different wine appellations including such famous ones as Sancerre, Jasnieres, Muscadet, Anjou and Coteaux du Layon among others.


Bourgueil – Stunning red wines

Bourgueil – Introduction We first became addicted to the wines from Bourgueil when we shared a bottle over a pleasant lunch in Paris. When we planned our first Loire excursion we looked for an organic producer from this area and Stéphane Guion seemed to fit the bill perfectly having been […]

Pineau d'Aunis grapes

Pineau d’Aunis grape variety

Pineau d’Aunis – Introduction Pineau d’Aunis is one of those grape varieties that some people decry but others are passionately devoted to, including us. Our considered opinion is that there are absolutely no inferior grape varieties – there are just inferior wine makers. There is always a winemaker who can […]